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Familiar pitch. FIFA returns in an all new edition with some old and new tricks

Written by Sulabh Puri
07 Dec 2012 at December 7, 2012

EA has some really good brands of games which keep releasing year after year, and FIFA is one of them. They have recently introduced Fifa 13, which is a game that is a graphical candy. If you have played the last version of the game you know what we are talking about. You can make out the players appearance along with the playing pitch is better displayed than FIFA 12. For commentary Martin Tyler and Alan Smith return as main commentators in FIFA 13.

The game has various modes for online and offline gameplay. In the offline mode you can play the usual career mode which does not see major changes except the one where now players can manage international teams as well as clubs. Yes, you can play your favourite clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea and even LA Galaxy. The menu system has also got a face-lift and is now much easier to navigate and go through than before. The graphics here are spectacular as well.

Coming to the actual gameplay, one can govern the characters on the pitch in a much controlled manner. Now you can dribble the ball just like one can in Fifa Street, sprint past opposing players and direct the pass in an efficient way. All this adds to the realism. Shooting a goal at first might seem a bit difficult, however after playing a few games and adapting to the new system, shooting one to the back of the net does not seem like climbing a Mount Everest.

Once you are done with the nicely laid out career mode, you can hop over to the online mode where you can challenge friends and other players around the globe. Any broadband connection with over 512 KBPS speed will prove fine to play with online players. Anything less will fetch lag. FIFA 13 is an excellent and the best looking soccer game out there, which can be played again and again. Fifa fans this is a must grab copy of the game.


Name: Fifa 13 for Xbox 360

Price: Rs 2,599



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