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Live TV on mobile now in India | free live tv

Mobile phones have been adopted in India far more than any other communication devices. Given the adoption of mobile telephony in India and the reach it provides make these devices an important target for video communication. Also given that most of the tier one telecommunication providers have either offered or are in the process of offering IPTV — which will address the three screens (TV, Mobile and PC) as they have since acquired the capabilities to offer media related services.
The incremental investment to what they have already made with IPTV will help them launch mobile services faster reducing time to market for new value added services for the mobile devices.

Limited Mobile TV services have been available in India over GPRS/EDGE networks for some time but due to lack of quality of viewing experience there has hardly been any adoption. Given the popularity of TV content in India, Mobile TV is well positioned for broad adoption in the market both in India and globally. Mobile TV  (free live tv)needs high speed networks and radio spectrum.
However, the lack of availability of 3G spectrum in India has held back things. The much delayed spectrum allocation process has since finished and will provide a significant boost to the market once the high speed data service are available to the mobile ecosystem.

Smartphones are quickly becoming mass market products with a slew of popular phones from Nokia, Apple iPhone and models based on Google’s Android OS. These sleek touch screens make mobile phones highly interactive devices and are likely to give boost to a host of mobile TV applications. Applications like Live TV, VOD, Time Shift TV which are already popular on IPTV today are likely to crossover to the “Personal screens” as the media and telecom ecosystem gears up to target a potential market of over 500M mobile subscribers in India in 2012.

A recent 2009 study from Cisco illustrates the volume of video traffic that is supposed to pass through mobile networks making it easily the most popular application on the phone. Video is expected to grow 151% in the forecast period from 2008 to 2013 and that Western Europe and APAC will Account for 60 Percent of Mobile Traffic in 2013.

Currently, in Mobile TV there are three relatively mature solutions, a satellite mobile TV (DVB-H using UHF or L-band), a DVB-H in S-band based ground receiving mobile TV  (free live tv)and use of IP-based cellular networks for mobile TV.
We would like to thank UTStarcom for providing us with this IPTV Experience.

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Live TV on mobile now in India




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