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Jolla unveils MeeGo based Sailfish OS in Finland

Written by Danish Khan
22 Nov 2012 at November 22, 2012

Sailfish OS The smartphone operating system universe has been expanded with the launch of Sailfish OS—developed by the Finnish mobile startup, Jolla. It has announced the latest operating system that incorporates an innovative User Interface (UI) at the Slush startup event in Finland. The company has also introduced Sailfish Software Development Kit (SDK) for the developer community. It also revealed that devices running on the Jolla OS will be powered by ST-Ericsson’s Nova Thor processor.

The latest OS is based on MeeGo operating system and will support smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, automotive and other device classes. Jolla has also joined hands with Finnish carrier DNA to launch smartphones running on Sailfish.

Jolla was formed by a number of former engineers and executives from Nokia’s MeeGo N9 division. These engineers wanted to continue development on the next-generation MeeGo smartphone platform, which Nokia abandoned in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform last year. The Sailfish Software Development Kit (SDK) comprises Mer Core’s tools, Qt Creator, Jolla UI components, Sailfish UI framework and Sailfish handset application interfaces. Developers can download the Sailfish SDK from sailfishos.org.



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