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AndroVid Video Trimmer Review

Shoot, Edit and Share videos For all who love tweaking moving pictures

Written by Ketan Pratap
Added on October 31, 2012

While there are a number of apps for editing and sharing still photos, instant video editing continues to have relatively limited options. One of these is AndroVid Video Trimmer, an app that lets you edit and share videos with minimum fuss.

The app comes with a number of features - one can trim videos and produce clips, delete parts from a video, split a video file into two separate video clips, grab video frames and even convert video files to MP3 audio files. One can even add effects to a video that include fade in/out, mirror effect, gray tone, negative, mute mode, slow/fast motion and swap U-V effect. And once you are through with editing, the app automatically offers instant sharing options to Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. A feature that surely impresses one and all. The app’s interface is similar to that seen in most video players with a bar indicating the time of the video at the bottom of the screen, while the editing options are shown on top with varying editing tools.

Once changes are made in the video being edited, you can choose whether to save the changes separately or to keep the original file. It is an app with easy to use interface and all this for free. Which makes AndroVid Video Trimmer one of the most versatile and fun - video editing apps we have seen. It is available for download from the Google Play market.

Tested on: Sony Xperia Sola



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