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Fun with Photos (PhotoFunia App)

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Make your pictures stand apart

Written by Sonia Sharma
Added on July 5, 2012

Editing pictures can have many motives but the most important one is to look better and that is not just limited to improving one’s physical attributes it can also help you con a formidable social reputation too. For instance, try and edit a picture making you shake hands with MS Dhoni and see the surge in the number of friends you have! And while in the earlier days, it required nothing less than a visit to the local photo studio, now there are apps on your smartphone that can help you pull off some simple yet impressive photo editing. The one that we are reviewing is called PhotoFunia that can be downloaded on to your Windows phone for free from the Windows Market Place. Before becoming a smartphone app it was a popular PC app too.  

Once you do that you get to add your photo into a number of portrait situations like a billboard on a high street or on a graffiti wall. All and all there are more than 280 effects that can be used in the application.

These have been further divided into various categories like magazines, galleries and movies like Iron man etc where you can fit your picture into the character. These pictures can then be shared through popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. It is an app that is easy to use and offers some really simple yet interesting ways to edit you pictures and enter it into various situational setups for fun!

We tested it on the Sony Xperia S
Download PhotoFunia app



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Fun with Photos (PhotoFunia App)

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